Literacy, CPD and zombies…


A roundup of a few geographical links and ideas that I’ve come across during the course of the week.

Email from Boardworks about the ‘10 reasons to study geography’ poster which I helped put together, it  can be downloaded from their blog. Also received a couple of copies in the post. Just finished writing a blog post for them about the drought….


Working towards becoming a VITAL professional and held my first VITAL group meeting this week. Also attended a TeachShare held by Alan Parkinson about Triptico, a resource by David Riley. A replay can be found here. Most of my subject specific professional development is coming from here at the moment, the Geography Portal maintained by Alan is well worth the small fee for your department.

Thanks to Simon Jones for highlighting the zombie survival map, some creative writing to come with his little gem…



Starting giving my classes topic based spelling tests, students had to learn the definitions and spelling of ten words, guess what? The world didn’t end. On the subject of literacy another thanks to the Arthur Terry Geography Department for sharing their improving QWC in Geography mat, and for providing me with a pdf copy.

Finally a 100 days until the Olympics passed, trying to contain myself Winking smile

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